Saina Mokhtar

Blown in time Project
EMAF 2023 | Kunsthalle,

This project had 4 different phases:
..interaction with audience performance

 Community ecology has always been interesting for me and I think getting to know our bodies, getting connected with our physicality through dancing, through rhythmic patterns of movements, to feel the plastic sense of space and to learn where in space our movement belongs, affects our environment enormously. Learning about our deep emotional needs as a species brings us closer to nature and we can only achieve this by connecting to our bodies, playing with them like sculptures, letting our emotions play their part and using our body like a „Space and Time tunnel“, to travel through, to feel it, to experience it and blossom from the other side like a flower being part of Nature. My project is about dancing of bodies… Spontaneous, fearless, expressive and connected. I used what I call reverse choreography for this performance.we lived the emotions together, studied the movements and we let our bodies feel the space, be present and the movements were partly extracted and created spontaneously. I believe dancing is for everyone and it was important that I would have performers who are not professional dancers. The process of what you see as a performance is also exhibited by your interaction at the exhibition.
In order to understand the dance, one must be still and in order to truly understand stillness, one must dance. RUMI -